“I got a washing machine for a brain - oh for heaven’s sake what a fake”

ROWSIE sound like a car crash between Wilco and Sonic Youth while listening to the best indie rock mixtape you made for a boy/girl who left you.

The band are a former factory worker from New York, an English baroque pop singer-songwriter, a Canadian filmmaking composer and a London jazz musician who got together in the summer of 2021 to play, write and record.

March 2022 sees the release of their first single on Ivy RecRods and in May ROWSIE are travelling to Mexico with Freddie Cowan of the Vaccines to play together as he launches his first solo project.

Currently ROWSIE plays a monthly night at Sixty Sixty Sounds on London's famous Denmark Street as well as gigging in and around the capital.

You can listen and buy our music at our BANDCAMP page or via Ivy RecRods. Coming to streaming April 15



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